EVERSEA is a circular economy project for recovering plastic waste that has a negative impact on the Mediterranean Sea so that it can be manufactured into cleaning tools. In doing so, we give another use to marine waste that would otherwise be harming animals such as whales, dolphins and sea turtles.

One of our objectives is to make our economic activity a tool for change, and with EVERSEA we have shown that sustainability and care for our environment is not at odds with quality and design.

Our challenge for the future and our hallmark is to move towards sustainability and help by using our industrial activity to improve the environment. We want to be influential leaders of change.

Cleaning tools for people who want to care for the environment

We are the world’s first company that manufactures cleaning tools from recycled marine plastic.

EVERSEA® the future is in your hands.

1 kilo of SEAQUAL fibre for every kilo of seabed litter

The world’s waste in figures:

Recycling process

The goal is to retrieve plastics from the sea, and use them to create high quality recycled products.

We work hand in hand with the Seaqual initiative, in collaboration with professional fishermen and local NGOs who collect plastics lost in the Mediterranean Sea to give them a new life.

1. Plastic collected by fishermen and NGOs in the Mediterranean is sorted.

2. The collected plastic is cleaned, treated and sorted in specialised plants.

3. It is transformed into pellets that eventually become the thread used in our fabrics, or plastic for injection.

4. We end up with a high quality 100% recycled polyester filament with which to produce our cleaning tools.

EVERSEA® Collection

100% recycled products

As a result of all our previous work, we have designed a collection of products intended to help you protect marine life while you do your daily cleaning.

Our EVERSEA® collection consists of the following products:

The textile products in the EVERSEA® collection are made from yarn derived from processing PET from plastic bottles collected from coasts, beaches, seas and rivers.

As for the plastic products, they are 100% made from recycled plastic. The flakes used to make plastic products come from bottles, caps, nets and ropes that are left on coasts and seas.

Sustainable Development Goals Agenda 2030

Our contribution to a more sustainable future.

The SEAQUAL initiative is working towards a waste-free environment.

This project extracts plastics from the sea to create high quality recycled products that can be used by different industrial sectors.

The SEAQUAL initiative revalues post-consumer waste lost to the environment by developing and supporting clean-up initiatives while encouraging and inspiring industry and consumers.

n our case, we are proud to be the first company in the cleaning sector to join this project that fights for a world without waste.