Reducing the time and effort of professionals in the professional cleaning sector is what drives us to keep reinventing ourselves and creating innovative solutions that significantly improve the quality and service of cleaning.

Our new Ultra cloth combines the cleaning capacity of microfibre with the absorption and drying capacity offered by its Polyurethane coating, creating the perfect combination for cleaning any type of surface.

Main features of the new Ultra cloth:

  • Excellent finish on any type of surface.
  • Cleans and dries in a single pass. Maximum efficiency.
  • Long lasting, more than 200 washing cycles (max. 90º).
  • Available in 4 colours for easy coding of cleaning areas.

Diseñada especialmente para desengrasar, absorber y eliminar la suciedad sin dejar rastro gracias a su revestimiento de poliuretano.

Además, gracias a su relieve superior, conseguimos un mejor agarre y facilidad a la hora de eliminar suciedad adherida, y una alta eficacia en limpieza y arrastre.

When we develop any cleaning product or tool, we focus a lot of attention on making it as effective as possible, but always with efficiency in mind. Working faster, with better results and with a cost-effective product is for us the perfect combination to become a leader in the professional hygiene sector.

That’s why we were not only concerned that the cloth should be optimal in terms of use, but also that it should be optimised in terms of maintenance.

The high-performance textile microfibre has enabled us to develop a cloth that not only does not disperse particles or fray during use, but can withstand up to 200 washing cycles without losing its effectiveness. This makes it one of the best performing and longest lasting cloths of its kind on the market.

Get your Ultra cloth, and discover how we can revolutionise the world of professional cleaning.

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