Terms and Conditions


1. Introduction

cc1. Introduction

1.1 Previous considerations

The following document establishes the conditions of use of the Web www.grupomaya.com.es and the conditions of use and purchase of www.mayahomelife.com and www.mayaprofessional.com.  We recommend you to read these conditions carefully because, when you access to this website, and/or any of the pages that you can visit, you assume the commitment to follow and comply with the terms and conditions indicated below and consider them accepted (together with our privacy policy and use of cookies).

The sites www.grupomaya.com.es, www.mayahomelife.com and www.mayaprofessional.com are owned by Entidad Maya, SL, also known as Grupo Maya and hereafter Maya.

1.2 Revision of data and updating

MAYA eserves the right to revise and/or modify the terms and conditions of use and purchase of the websites referred to in 1.1, as well as its contents, design and organization, so that they will be able to be reviewed and/or modified in any time. In case of revision or modification of the terms and conditions, your new wording will be immediately published and you will be accessible on any of these websites (or other related ones), Being applicable from that moment on. To be properly informed of the terms and conditions that apply at any time, we recommend you that review them periodically.

1.3 Cost of service

The use of the Web sites concerned, including access by users and browsing through them, is free and free of charge and implies compliance with these Terms and Conditions, Spanish, European legislation and good practices and accepted uses in Internet.

1.4 Provision of services

we want to offer you through the websites concerned, a service continued, however, it could be interrupted by circumstances of varied nature. In this case, we would try notice with the adequate notice, whenever possible and was within the reach of MAYA.


2. Liability disclaimer


2.1 Hyperlinks

The Web sites concerned may have hyperlinks to other websites, which are not edited, controlled, maintained or monitored by MAYA.  Therefore, MAYA, cannot assume (nor will assume) any responsibility for them (their content is the only responsibility of their owners).

If you want to establish hyperlinks to any of the websites referred to in 1.1, you must refrain from making false, inaccurate or incorrect statements about MAYA or any of its contents. In no case it will be stated or implied that we authorize the hyperlink, or that we supervise, approve or assume of any form the contents or services offered or made available to the Web page where the hyperlink is established to the sites Web.

The establishment of the hyperlink does not imply in any case the existence of any relationship between MAYA and the owner of the Web page in which it is established. Hyperlinks will not be established on Web sites that include illicit, immoral or contrary to good manners, public order, accepted uses on the Internet or in any way contravene rights of third parties.

The hyperlinks that, in its case, and respecting the above requirements, are established to Web sites from other Web pages will allow access to websites, but will not reproduce their content in any way, and will dispense with in any case of the use of browsers or border environments.


3. Intellectual and industrial Property


3.1 All rights reserved to Entidad Maya S. L (MAYA)

We reserve all the intellectual and industrial property rights of the designs, trademarks, names, denominations, images, logos, graphics, icons, domain names, applications, and all other content on the websites, or where appropriate, we have licences for their use, and we have, consequently, the proper protection of rights over intellectual and industrial property.

All rights of intellectual property and copyright of the contents of the Web sites referenced in 1.1. are reserved to a MAYA  and its licensors and in no case access to the websites implies carelessness on our part in such rights in favor of the user.

3.2 Use by users

You can make private use of the websites and their content but in no case you can make commercial use of them, or alter them in any way, reproduce them beyond their private use, distribute them or communicate them publicly (except for express and explicit permission by MAYA). r communicate them publicly (except for express and explicit permission by MAYA). Any unauthorized copying or use of the design or content that differs from that we allow expressly, as owners of intellectual property rights, it will affect the rights of the mentioned owner in accordance with international treaties and applying applicable law and in force in Spain.

It is strictly forbidden to use the contents of the websites for any purpose or in different way than it is allowed in these Terms and Conditions. In case you want to use the marks, names, logos or any other at different sign in order to identify the hyperlinks that are established in other Web sites to our web sites, you can request the necessary authorization by contacting the Webmaster through Info@grupomaya.com.es.

3.3 Using email

You may transfer any questions relating to the content of Terms and Conditions of use and/or the Privacy Policy to: Info@grupomaya.com.es

For specific questions about the products and services of MAYA, we suggest you consult the specific contact details:





4.1 Specifications


4.1.1 Response time

By Customer service policy and by commitment to its quality standards, MAYA will attend any email maximum at 48 working hours. If this time has elapsed and we have not attended your request for information, please resend us the initial email.

4.1.3 Treatment of the information

Any information received as a result of the supplementation of contact forms or mailings from any of the webs www.grupomaya.com.es, www.mayahomelife.com, and/or www.mayaprofessional.com will be treated according to Privacy Policy section.


5. Jurisdiction and applicable law


Any controversy or conflict that may arise as a result of the use of the websites will be resolved in accordance with the legislation in force in Spain, subject to the jurisdiction and competence of the Courts and Tribunals of Valencia.


6. Our data


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Address shipments and receipt of goods:
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