At Grupo Maya, our commitment to caring for the planet and sustainability is constant. For this reason, we took an important step in our sustainability strategy by calculating and reducing our Carbon Footprint.

This allowed us to obtain Carbon Proof Certified certification and to register our carbon footprint with the Ministry of Ecological Transition with the CALCULO seal. In addition, as part of our commitment, we carried out reforestation to offset 4 tonnes of CO2.

Reforestation to offset our Carbon Footprint

In line with our concern for the environment, last Saturday 26 November we carried out a day of rehabilitation and reforestation in degraded areas of the Parc Natural de les Coves del Truig in Benimodo (Valencia).

This activity allowed us to achieve important objectives, such as recovering the vegetation in a degraded area, avoiding the loss of biodiversity and creating a CO2 sink through the forest mass repopulated with 156 autochthonous plant species. In addition, we enjoyed a wonderful day surrounded by nature in the company of our colleagues, family and friends.


At Grupo Maya, we understand that responsible and sustainable production, the fight against climate change and progress towards a circular economy are responsibilities that we all share as a society.

Our commitment to the environment is not only reflected in concrete actions, such as reducing our Carbon Footprint and reforestation, but also in our commitment to encourage other companies and individuals to join us in this cause to achieve a more sustainable future. Together we can make a difference and care for our planet. Let’s continue to work together for sustainability and care for the environment.

Launch of EVERSEA® Professional

At Grupo Maya we don’t just offer cleaning products, we want to offer real projects where innovation helps our customers achieve better results. And, at the same time, we want to help make the world a better place.

One of our lines of action to achieve our sustainability goal focused on the marine world. Every year, up to 12 million tonnes of waste is thrown into our seas and oceans, so we committed to recovering this waste to make cleaning tools.

And so EVERSEA® Professional was born, making us the first company in the world to produce cleaning tools from recycled plastic from the sea, thus reducing the use of virgin materials.

How we do it

To develop our EVERSEA® collection and give a second life to plastic abandoned in the sea, we follow a meticulous manufacturing process.

Plastic is first collected from beaches, rivers and oceans and then cleaned, treated and sorted. This plastic is transformed into pellets that serve as raw material for the manufacture of the EVERSEA® Professional® collection.

EVERSEA® Professional

El resultado de todo el proceso anterior es nuestra colección EVERSEA® Professional, 100% sostenible y pensada para contribuir a la conservación de nuestros mares.

Our R&D&I department continues to work to offer innovative products that meet the quality and efficiency requirements of the professional hygiene sector.

Start being part of the solution with us and be inspired to make more environmentally responsible choices.

Together we can create new, more respectful and sustainable consumption habits.

Find out more about our challenge and walk towards sustainability.